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T? ch?c nh tr??ng g?m 3 Phng v 4 Khoa, 1 Trung tm Tin h?c-Ngo?i ng?

  • Phng Nhn s? T?ng h?p

Tr??ng phng: ThS Phan ??c Thu?n

  • Phng Ti chnh K? ton

Ph? trch k? ton: Nguy?n Th? Thanh Dung

  • Phng ?o t?o

Ph Tr??ng phng: ThS Bi Th? Thu H

  • Khoa Du l?ch

Tr??ng khoa: ThS Nguy?n Th? Th?m

  • Khoa Kinh t? Ti chnh

Tr??ng khoa: ThS Ng Th? H?i H??ng

  • Khoa C? b?n

Tr??ng khoa: ThS. Tr??ng V?n Ha

  • Khoa K? thu?t Cng ngh?

Ph Tr??ng khoa: ThS L Th? C?m T

  • Trung tm Tin h?c - Ngo?i ng?

Gim ??c: ThS Nguy?n Th? Thanh T?nh

  • Chi b? Nh tr??ng

B th?: Phan Xun D?ng

Ph B th?: Phan ??c Thu?n

  • Cng ?on Nh tr??ng

Ch? t?ch: V Vi?t Long

Ph ch? t?ch: Nguy?n Th? Thanh T?nh

  • ?on thanh nin

B th?: L Th? C?m T

Ph B th?: L H?u Th??ng


??i h?c ?i?n l?c


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